Move to the Netherlands or Belgium Program

In the event that you suddenly move (back) to the Netherlands or Belgium, we offer a wonderful program for children to ensure a smooth entry into the Dutch-speaking education system upon their return to the Netherlands or Belgium.  We can prepare your children through private lessons so that she/he can integrate into the Dutch or Flemish school system with confidence. Whether or not your child has mastered the Dutch language is irrelevant. We offer programs for all levels and ages. A good preparation is half the work.

Teaching methods: For children who already speak Dutch we use the same teaching methods as are used in primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands or Belgium. If your child does not speak Dutch yet, we use the official teaching method for transition classes, also called the "Eerste Opvang Anderstaligen" (EOA) in the Netherlands.

Adults: We can also prepare adults for a move or stay in a Dutch-speaking country. 


"We are very happy we choose to enroll our daughters in this online program of the Dutch School of Southern California to prepare them for a move to the Netherlands! Our girls did not have any prior knowledge of the Dutch language. They loved the private lessons with their teacher Michele, and picked up on the language quickly. The lessons were so thorough and catered to exactly where the kids were. The teacher sent many wonderful resources for practice and learning that we would have never found without her. We couldn't be more pleased! Our girls were ready to integrate a Dutch school in the Netherlands. 

My husband and I also took online Dutch semi-private classes to prepare ourselves and these were wonderful too."