Dutch language and culture education at the Dutch School of Southern California is supervised by various authorities, and our classes and methods always conform to the most recent regulations and quality requirements. We are furthermore monitored and supported by:

Support from Stichting NOB

The Dutch School of Southern California is affiliated with Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in het Buitenland (Foundation for Dutch Education Abroad) (“NOB”), as are nearly 200 schools with students in more than 120 countries. Commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (“OCW”), NOB supports affiliated schools with, among other things, purchased products/licenses (such as Nieuwsbegrip), materials developed by NOB (such as NTC Leerlijn), the professionalization of teachers (through, among other things, webinars, knowledge clips and annual continuing education) and exchange of colleagues worldwide (through the network and support by educational and administrative advisors).

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The Dutch Education Inspectorate

The Dutch School of Southern California is supervised by the Dutch Education Inspectorate, also on behalf of the Flemish Education Inspectorate. The Education Inspectorate conducts an inspection every four years. Most recently, the Education Inspectorate visited our three school campuses in California in March 2019 and issued an inspection report that you can read here.

More information about the Dutch Education Inspectorate abroad can be found here.

28NB_DEFINITIEF RAPPORT_POKOBTL_298393-105966 (1).pdf


In addition to method-based tests, we also take annual tests offered by the Dutch Central Institute for Test Development (Cito) for primary education, such as AVI, reading comprehension, spelling and vocabulary. These Cito tests give us a good idea of how the students are developing and where we, if necessary, should adjust.

More information about Cito can be found here.

The Language Union treaty

The Dutch Language Union treaty develops and promotes policy for Dutch in the Netherlands, Flanders and Suriname, and supports Dutch language in the world. The Language Union is responsible for the CNaVT exam.

More information about the Language Union treaty can be found here.